Concerning unicorns

Unicorns are an interesting, yet difficult topic. Björn and I have met Uni some time ago, and she doesn’t cease to amaze us. Needless to say she wants to come on every trip we do – unicorns are a very cosmopolitan and polyglot kind. Sadly, since mankind has switched its primary means of global transport from unicorn-powered Zeppelins to oil-powered airplanes, many of them have migrated to other solar systems and galaxies and very few remain today on Earth. Times were quite different back then, weren’t they? One would never really know, where one would end up in a unicorn-powered Zeppelin! It needed four unicorns to fly a Zeppelin, and naturally they never agreed on a common flying direction. And they were easily distracted, too. For example by rainbows. So the 07:00 London-Paris could easily end up two days later in Singapore! Not handy, if you had urgent business matters to take care of in Paris. But then again, times were more relaxed back then and there simply wasn’t so much urgent business! And who knows what opportunities Singapore might bring along? Luggage restrictions did not exist, so one always packed for all kinds of climates before boarding a Zeppelin. Well, well, golden days long gone, we think to ourselves when pushing our cabin trolleys through sterile airports which once were home to herds of laughing, mad-eyed, pink-maned unicorns.

Be it as it may, we are glad Uni has chosen to be with us and hope she’ll hop and fly around with us for a long time, until one day she finds the rainbow that brings her to some distant part of the Milkyway to join her flock …

Uni has an ambivalent relationship with chicken.
Uni has an ambivalent relationship with chicken.

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