Ungarische Haselnuss-Torte

Weder Gräfin Mariza noch die Csárdásfürstin passen nach dieser Ungarischen Haselnuss-Torte noch in ihre Abendkleider! I’m glad that I managed to kickstart Björn into the Torten- und Buttercreme-business, …. muuuuaaaaa-haaa-haaaa!

With buttercreeeeeeeeeeeam!
With buttercreeeeeeeeeeeam!

Probably even worthy of Gundel brunch! 🙂

One thought on “Ungarische Haselnuss-Torte”

  1. Please blame me for the unevenness of the decoration. I was too focused on the mechanics of piping to see where I was piping 🙂

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