Christmas markets are not my thing usually. It so happened however, that Björn found a small korean-japanese one on Karl-Marx-Allee the other day. That sounded more intriguing than your average Glühwein&Co headache! There was also Glühwein there, I admit, but also cute stands of all kinds, with rare&bizarre objects, as was hoped for! For example tiny retro soy sauce flasks in blue glass B-) But the real deal was the last area we explored (there was an indoors), which hosted Berlin based Kimonomono. She had a fabulous choice of kimonos and yakutas, and there was no way to resist this 1910s-1920s long-sleeve kimono (long sleeves indicate the young woman is unmarried 🙂 )

Maybe not for carrying down the trash, but a perfect fit for everything else from medium formal occasions to casual cocktail evenings!

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