Hammond C3 & Leslie 22H

If it wasn’t for the one and only Hansi, this would probably never have become possible, so: danke Hansi, ich bin unwürdig! 😉 La Principessa: Hammond C3 (ca.1959, das “Kirchenmodell” der B3) und dazu ein Leslie 22H. Grande gioia! Bench and Leslie were a bit trashed and had to undergo renovation, which meant Yeti fur! And the backside of the Leslie became the front, with a removable plexiglass cover, to be able to see the speakers, motors, and last but not least the tubes! New tubes have also been installed (russian ones – Gold Lion KT88 Genalex – and czech ones – SECC82-TESLA), for the sake of even more “dusty” (staubig, Hansi, staubig!!) 60s Bossa Nova Hammond sound! Ein großes Danke auch nochmal an alle, die geholfen haben, die Prinzessin in ihrem neuen Zuhause zu installieren: Gunter, Björn, Sva & Marc!

Haptik, Klang, Optik, Geruch, Herz … außer Geschmack ist einfach alles dabei!

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