Great Grandpa’s Tophat

Great Grandpa's Tophat revisited!
Great Grandpa’s Tophat revisited!

During Easter holiday, I found a dusty, cobweb-covered tophat in our house on the country side. Mum told me that it’s great grandpa’s! Neither grandpa nor daddy had the right head size to wear it – so, …. I guess it’s mine now since it fits perfectyl! I cleaned it and replaced the black ribbon with a green satin ribbon, renewed the inner lining with green silk and added this flamboyant bronze belle-epoqueish belt buckle I found at “Haben Will”, a Munich antiques shop! Voilà! Great Grandpa’s Tophat sexed up! If only he could see it…. B-)

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  1. It made its first public appearance after probably more than half a century last Tuesday at Goldene Bar/Munich and was very well received!

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