Blumus longus

If “chin” was a sense, this post would be part of that taxon! Doesn’t the chin of this latest flower in the orchid collection (phragmipedium longifolium) remind of Lucky Luke’s Daltons? In any case, it started its first flower which then opened up yesterday, after I’ve tended to this plant for more than 4 years! It is a slow one. No wonder that it now hangs around with an extremely chilled Big-Lebowski-style dude-o-wicz attitude. I think I’ll start feeding it White Russians 😉

Averell Dalton ?
Phragmipedium longifolium. Take your time, dude.

Honorary sense-taxon: CHIN

4 thoughts on “Blumus longus”

  1. Beautiful orchid, beautiful post and thanks to the gardener for helping this living being to arrive at a chilled state, or even better: the sweet fruit of Buddha.

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