The A380

The other day on the balcony…

Steady, .... steady!!!
Steady, …. steady!!!

…what an engine sound! A beauty and still a mystery to 3rd millennium aviation, the bumblebee, the A380 among our domestic insects, fills the sky with its sonorous and highly analogous double engine music. Cleared for landing on platform one!

Great Grandpa’s Tophat

Great Grandpa's Tophat revisited!
Great Grandpa’s Tophat revisited!

During Easter holiday, I found a dusty, cobweb-covered tophat in our house on the country side. Mum told me that it’s great grandpa’s! Neither grandpa nor daddy had the right head size to wear it – so, …. I guess it’s mine now since it fits perfectyl! I cleaned it and replaced the black ribbon with a green satin ribbon, renewed the inner lining with green silk and added this flamboyant bronze belle-epoqueish belt buckle I found at “Haben Will”, a Munich antiques shop! VoilĂ ! Great Grandpa’s Tophat sexed up! If only he could see it…. B-)

Honi soit qui mal y pense!