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Was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält

Kann ich’s riechen, kann ich’s schmecken?
Mir mit köstlich nasser Traube,
Sanft die Seele zu beflecken,
Dort in jener Joiser Laube,
Sei stets ein Trost – dort find’ ich sie:
Tank’ Ruhe, Zen und die Balance,
Der Freundschaft nun: ein Brindisi!
Ambrosia schenk’ uns die Chance,
Der Sinne Schranken zu durchschlagen,
Lass kindlich sehen uns was die Welt,
Trotz Mühsal, Weh und tausend Plagen,
Im Innersten zusammenhält:

Ein Joiseph-Quintett in seiner natürlichen Umgebung: im Zentrum der Welt.

Xandl: Tausend Dank!

Snake Dance

Eli just introduced me to this master piece of dance / contortionist performance – look for yourself.

A humble reminder that, no matter how much you’ve seen, heard and experienced in the performing … in the arts in general – you’ve never seen it all. I’m not quite certain that I’ll be able to be amazed any time soon by any performance of modern dance in the near future after this.

Here is some press coverage from 1947.

Music: Claude Debussy, Syrinx L.129

Zen Gardens

Lots of wabi-sabi-esque situations awaited during this recent, second visit to the land of the rising sun. Tokyo and above all Kyoto presented themselves in full fall foliage splendour, for example at the beautiful oasis which the garden of Nezu Museum in Tokyo is, the Murin-an garden or the “Moss Temple” Saihoji Kokedera in Kyoto. Difficult to choose between the many impressions of gingko, maple and camelia leaves among fluffy pine trees, but here are a few:

So. Many. Leaves!

Bashō would now come up with a 17-syllable poem (“Haiku”), but I’ll rather conclude with Ayumi, since she’s already reaching out for the maple leaves …

Grüne Nachrichten

Nur ein paar schnelle Eindrücke aus der Frühjahrs-Sommer-Kollektion:

Gemischte Blumen. Digitalis, Stockrose, Magnolie, Kresse, fleurs de courgette, Löwenmaul, Stachelbeeren, Taglilie #2, Flieder, Zucchini, Malve, Orientalischer Mohn, 3xWaldrebe und Nachbarskatze Ziggy.

Lithuanian midsummer

We recently had the privilege to be hosted by Lithuanian friends of ours for some fabulous days of baltic midsummer: collecting berries and wild thyme in the forest, swimming in the lake, wine, bbq and redbeet soup, Liliputas cheese, no sounds except for birds, dragonflies and the occasional fish jumping … and a bit of history lessons at Gruto Parkas.

Baltic midsummer at its best!

Thanks so much, Asta and Kestutis!