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As Above So Below

After a summer that didn’t only mean moving to a new home, but also trying to cope with the utterly unsensual summer temperatures, it is now time to cool down and dedicate our time to the sensual seasons of fall and winter, … hurray!
A good strategy in this respect is to follow what’s new in our dear friend Juan‘s art- and mind-world, for example by listening to what he told us about the pieces of his latest exhibition As Above So Below at Hilbertraum, Berlin.
It is always lovely to listen to him speak about his work, life, the universe & everything, which he does in a serene yet joyful way that leaves the spectator or listener with the feeling that someone takes the well thought-through subject-matter of their art serious, without appearing in the slightest way arrogant or omniscient – life is a game! The ancient dilemma that we cannot understand ourselves without understanding the universe and cannot understand the universe without understanding ourselves was at the heart of his talk, in which he drew most interesting parallels between concepts like history, solipsism, incompleteness, language, the babylonian origins of art/science and many more which I probably missed.
The skull is a symbol of life, not of death, I like this very much. Thanks Juan for an enlightening hour on a nicely-cool November afternoon!

Lets delve into the hidden layers of his-story, the Ge-schichten, on our quest to search for the hidden meta-language!


Spät aber doch, ein post über Xandls “Joiseph“. Virtuell kann man nicht kosten … aber das ist auch gut so. Wein hat mit Genuss zu tun, und Genuss mit sich Zeit nehmen. Es muss nicht immer alles instantan zur Verfügung stehen, das wollen uns bloß die jedes-Jahr-ein-neues-Handy-Industrie & Co einreden. Wir glauben ihnen nicht. Stattdessen lassen wir uns Zeit und trinken Joiseph.

Bei so einem koidn Joiseph an einem lauen Sommerabend … da muss bei einem einfachen Menschen einfach Freude aufkommen!

Groß auch war die Überraschung, als letzten Sommer im Gro, Stockholm plötzlich ein Joiseph an der Theke stand. Die Sommelière war begeistert als sie ihn entdeckte, wie sie persönlich berichtete. À la votre! kann man da nur sagen.

Joiseph @Gro restaurant, Stockholm

Category “brains”, because as with any other alcoholic beverage … use caution in order to protect it! 😉

Hammond C3 & Leslie 22H

If it wasn’t for the one and only Hansi, this would probably never have become possible, so: danke Hansi, ich bin unwürdig! 😉 La Principessa: Hammond C3 (ca.1959, das “Kirchenmodell” der B3) und dazu ein Leslie 22H. Grande gioia! Bench and Leslie were a bit trashed and had to undergo renovation, which meant Yeti fur! And the backside of the Leslie became the front, with a removable plexiglass cover, to be able to see the speakers, motors, and last but not least the tubes! New tubes have also been installed (russian ones – Gold Lion KT88 Genalex – and czech ones – SECC82-TESLA), for the sake of even more “dusty” (staubig, Hansi, staubig!!) 60s Bossa Nova Hammond sound! Ein großes Danke auch nochmal an alle, die geholfen haben, die Prinzessin in ihrem neuen Zuhause zu installieren: Gunter, Björn, Sva & Marc!

Haptik, Klang, Optik, Geruch, Herz … außer Geschmack ist einfach alles dabei!